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WASD: for movement
E: To interact with objects; skip Dialogue (But why would you do that ?)
Q: Pause Game
Baskspace : While Paused will restart the Game


You wake up in a basement not remembering who you are or why you are there.
You must search your own memories to figure this mystery out.


If you somehow stumbled upon this, this is a prototype for a project that was all about how to convey story through game.

Feel free to try it out if you'd like, and feedback is always appreciated.

Note that the game in its current form doesn't contain the whole story.
So sadly there is no conclusion as of yet.


Change Log:
Added Reset Function and fixed some Bugs

And for legal reasons I am obligated to show the logo of the school this was a project for, as I created this game during the third Semester.


Remembrance.zip 528 MB


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deep story

Hi there, I am a youtuber and I hope to get some support from you guys by leaving a like and subscribe at my channel.

I was very interested in the concept of the game where the protagonist suddenly loses his/her memories and slowly recovers them by looking at the objects around him/her but I was quite disappointed by the lack of use of visual images and voice acting to make the conversation more impactful to the player. I recommend letting the players experience the chess match with the protagonist's father in first person view to better relate to the protagonist and let the player experience the memory where the protagonist helps his/her father with the surgery. The game would be so much more engaging and impressive if the player can experience what the protagonist has experienced instead of just standing in the room that was neat and organised before and letting the player read long texts to find out what happened in the past. If you make such improvements to the game, I would say that this game would be amazing with good transitions to different parts of the protagonist's memories. If the creator were to really bring the player into the universe of Remembrance, the dark and horror atmosphere at certain parts of the protagonist memories must be portrayed well so that the process of reliving memories can send chills down the player's spine and also make the player feel touched or happy when reliving some of the happier memories that the protagonist have. Lastly, there should be more interaction with the memories in the game as the player barely does anything to complete the game so far.

Thank you for reading my comment. Good luck in making this game a far more impressive and impactful one :).

The Game was originally meant to be a walking simulator, so I am afraid that it will always remain a bit on the less interactive side...
You are right about the scenes, they would be a lot more interesting with the actual events transpiring.
I will try to add more polish into it as well, to make the scenes more impactful.

Thank you so much for playing and for leaving the useful Feedback !

Thank you for reading my comment XDDDD. Good luck in making Remembrance even better :).