3 characters. Multiple Choices, and a lot of ways in which things can go wrong...

Galactic Pocket Dating

This is a relatively short Visual Novel game made with Gameboy Studio, over the course of a Semester for the BTS-GP

This game is a remake of sorts of an old game-jam game: https://sirdaniel.itch.io/glactic-speed-dating

Sadly no Save-points or Checkpoints in the current version.
Try not to die.
Your choices will affect your overall score, so the smoother and more charismatic you behave with all the characters the higher your score will be.
A higher score may allow you to gain access to different endings and even a secret easter egg.

Go and have fun now!


WS/ Arrow keys for up and down
SPACE/Z/ENTER for confirmation or advancing dialogue


The original Art: https://tamatsu.itch.io/
The Rest:  https://sirdaniel.itch.io/

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsSir.Daniel, Tamatsu
GenreVisual Novel
TagsCasual, Fantasy, Furry, Game Boy, Retro, Romance, Sci-fi, Space, Text based


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Hmmm - Why there isnt any other Specied Characters to Choose from that Thougher then Miana so Race that cant get Killed the Dates and Miana is Leathal?

Will you make a full game like you said in the comments of the first version of this?

We are still planning on creating a full fledged version of GSD.
Work on it had already began quite some time ago, and personally I really enjoy what we have so far. Every one of us on the Team loves GSD and wants to make the best game they can out of it.

Unfortunately sometimes that means, to take a step back and re-evaluating things.
Right now work on GSD has stopped for a while, as we focus on developing our Custom Engine for making it, and trying to see what kind of VN we can make with it.

Right now, we are working on a different shorter VN (we aare planning for this to take about a year), which we plan to make as cleanly and professionally looking as possible.

The plan is that once we finish with that shorter game we will have all the skills and abilities to make a game truly worthy of a GSD title. =D

Hope you enjoyed the game so far though, we are planning on making many more like it.

I totally  understand. I really look forward to seeing the finished product. Are you guys going to release the GSD game in parts or at all once when you are happy with the VN you guys are currently creating? In my opinion, the premise and possibilities are quite endless for the story. Dragons, Gryphons, Nagas, Demons, and many other species are all valid choices. But if everything goes well, I can easily say this could be a VERY popular game like Far beyond the world or even Angels with scaly wings. Those are some of my favorites. I really hope you guys do well! Good luck.


This is really good, the art is wonderful!

Though, I am a bit sad there is no way to get a happy ending. Or maybe I'm just too stupid to get it!

Thank you so much for playing, glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Some endings that are better, are related to your overall score.
I think I will update the description to make that part of the mechanic a bit clearer to players.

But yeah the standard-endings are all kinda bummers. I guess I was compensating for the fact that in the previous game the choices were bugged so you could not physically die.

I will make up for it in the next one, promise.


dius can go feck herself 


You know no one else is gonna



Pretty cool game! Something I most enjoyed was your music choice, it really fitted and enhanced each scene, which allowed me to get immersed into the story and characters. (The quizz was so funny after I realized the pattern xD) 

Also, clever use of some of the unused characters from our other Galactic Speed-Dating, I was very excited to see how you turned my original art into pixel art, I was very surprised at the level of detail on Dius.


This game is pretty damn awesome, the person who made it is a cool dude can really recommend it.